Kevin McCullough of WMCA 570 Radio
Letter by Chris Hamre, January 2005

In response to derogatory remarks made by Kevin McCullough of WMCA 570 radio, Mr. Hamre wrote the following open letter.

Mr Mcullough-

While I agree with many of your political views, I must object to your characterization of Ms Boxer as an "evil, midget, dwarf"; that was really uncalled for. I don't agree with her going after Condoleeza Rice. I am sure you wouldn't make a racist comment if she was black and call her an "evil, n****, n*****" would you? Of course not - you'd be thrown out of the radio station immediately. So, why is it okay to utter such derogatory comments about short people. Just because there isn't legal recourse..yet.. doesn't make it right and please don't forget that just because we may not meet your height requirements, doesn't make us any less human. I am wondering if you have something against us shorter individuals. I can recall you not being too kind to Dennis Kucinich either - calling him a short and/or pathetic little man on more than a couple of occasions. Are you sure you're Christian because you don't sound very accepting. Please use better discretion about what terminology you use. These type of ignorant utterances won't be allowed to continue much longer - that's ridiculous!

Christopher A. Hamre