Dr. Phil
Commentary by Rudy Palma, January 2007

Dr. Phil is a CBS talk show in which Dr. Phil McGraw counsels guests in a no-nonsense manner about their issues.

During a December 2006 episode, he interviewed several guests with unrealistic expectations from relationships. One woman was so absolutely impossible in her demands of men - to the point that her girlfriend practically forced her to attend the show. Dr. Phil was often at a loss for words, eyeing the camera quizzically at several points as she talked, clearly flabbergasted by her negative attitude.

Not only did she demean balding men (right in front of McGraw, himself balding), but she soon mentioned how short men just don't make the grade as far as she is concerned. He looked at her and told her that she herself was short, prompting her to respond "but it's okay for a girl to be short."

What a sick, self-interested attitude. According to her, any short man is not "okay." Literally, she is worthy of love, but a man of her height? No.

McGraw clearly saw the stupidity in the comment, but he did not pursue it any further. I wish he had done so, but being a man of well over six feet tall I'm just glad he was able to spot something wrong with it at all.