People have been stereotyped throughout history, primarily for their ethnic or religious origins. In this era of political correctness, it is not fashionable for the media to adhere to traditional prejudices and stereotypes. New ones must be found. Regrettably, short people are often degraded in ways no ethic group would tolerate. There are no outcries and consumers are expected take it in good fun. With evidence mounting that short people do face real prejudices and do not succeed as their normal-statured peers do (see News Articles), it is time for them to enter the world of the politically correct.

This section is intended to demonstrate examples of how short people are portrayed in various forms of media. Many will be negative but we continue to search for examples where short people are treated as real people, not stereotyped into specific categories of behavior. Most of the commentaries in this section have been written by Short Persons Support readers. Please Contact Us if you would like to write a commentary.