Editor's Notes, November 2004

This Yoplait commercial by General Mills is one of the worst examples of short person bigotry ever broadcast. We have received more negative comments about this commercial than any other advertizement, movie, or television show since Short Persons Support became operational in the summer of 2000. Many of the people who wrote to us also made a complaint using Yoplait's Contact Us Page. However, they all received back the same form letter, leading many to believe that their complaints were not even read.

On November 7, we sent a letter on Short Persons Support letterhead to General Mills, objecting to the commercial on behalf of our readers. We also offered the company a chance to make a statement. A response from General Mills was received four months later. It is a good response and the company promised not to air the commercial again. However, it would have been more meaningful if the commercial had been pulled sooner. Commercials don't run forever and this one might have simply reached the end of its life cycle.