Commentary by Bob Busch, October 2004

I recently saw a commercial for Yoplait yogurt that offended me as a short statured man. It depicts two bridesmaids who talk about how good Yoplait yogurt is, and they compare it to other things they like (or don't like). Near the end of their comparisons, they say

Getting put with an usher who's not shorter than you, good

implying that being ushered by a short man is "bad" in some way. Then one of the stuck-up bridesmaid adds:

Did you see him?

and the two superficial girls laugh. I can't believe that an advertizement that is supposed to make you want to try new things, would be so offensive. I feel that it is ok to say that they prefer tall men, in an ad. But to put down short men, by saying that merely walking in public with a short man, is some kind of punishment, is very offensive. To add insult to injury, when one of the girls says "did you get a look at that guy"? it suggests that women regularly laugh at short men. Do they? My lovely wife of 11 years who is taller than me, does not laugh. She is similarly outraged. I have dated over thirty taller women who did not laugh at me either. Are the Yoplait people trying to get women to start laughing at short men?

Well fellow short brothers and sister. I am NOT laughing. When I complained to Yoplait via email, I got a canned, non personal, response. I guess boycotting General Mills products AND Yoplait yogurt are the only resort for their heightist attitude. I do not only want that heightist commercial pulled, I also want a personal apology. I can't believe that in 2004 I even have to discuss a problem like this. Hey, I prefer Dannon yogurt anyway; now I have an even bigger reason to buy from the competitor.