Verizon & Honda
Commentary by John Michno, February 2001

If you watch TV, then you know short men are ridiculed, while tall and muscular men are revered. Two extremely offensive TV commercials are airing this February in the NYC area. I was amazed at just how far these commercials went stereotyping shorter males as not worthy of female relationships.

One of these commercials is for Verizon phone service. It centers around a young African American woman talking on the phone with her friends about blind dates. One of the first comments out of her mouth is "He may be short but I'm not sure" to her friend on the phone, referring to the blind date. Her personality is typical of women on TV, extremely choosy and materialistic.

The other commercial is for the Honda CRV. It features two SUV vehicles. One with a group of men, the other, women. They pull along side one another. The women think that the men are big and tall, an illusion created by the small size of the men's SUV. The women are in the "roomier" Honda CRV. They both pull off the road and meet. The women are disappointed when they meet the men, who are shorter than them. All of a sudden the women don't appear interested, and one says to the men, "Hi, Umm, we just wanted to let you know your blinkers have been on". Then it shows the men laughing and acting stupid as they drive away.

If this was a real situation, no one would be laughing. These commercials, show the general attitude of American society toward shorter males. Often shorter men are faced with loneliness. This attitude means they have to work harder than tall males to find a mate. And with our society increasingly focused on making money and how we look, this makes it more difficult for the shorter male to help improve the situation. Dating agencies take advantage of their loneliness, to make money, and often you'll just wind up trying to get a woman, like that choosy one on the Verizon commercial. Until the media takes responsibility by putting people ahead of profits, the isolation of shorter men in America will continue, as they are continued to be falsely portrayed as childish and unfit for relationships.