Commentary by Belle DiMonté , July 2011

TitleMax has recently released an entire slew of heightist ads, featuring an incredibly tall man and an incredibly short man next to each other. In one such ad, the short man falls over while trying to lift a hammer to strike one of those "strong man" gizmos from a carnival. When he falls over, the words, "SHORT ON CASH?" appear above him. Then TitleMax swoops in, gives the tall man the cash he needs, and everybody's happy. This ad purposely displays the short man as INFERIOR, UNEQUAL, and INCAPABLE compared to the tall man. It's the most offensive ad I've seen, and I ask that EVERYONE boycott TitleMax and TV stations the ad is displayed on. In my case, I saw it on FOX 2 KTVI St. Louis about a week ago. There are other offensive versions of this ad too. Keep an eye out for them, and if you see them, complain to the station and write a commentary here!