Commentary by Bob Busch, March 2006

A new Pantene commercial features two pretty women with full hair, one honey blonde and one brunette. The Go-Go's song Head Over Heals plays in the background while the two women put on sexy yellow high heels and style their hair for a date. They are quite vain as they snap photos of themselves with their fluffy shiny hair. A door bell rings and they stop styling and run downstairs to answer the door. As the blonde walks down the last stair, she notices that the handsome man at the door is about 3" shorter than her. Instead if being dissapointed, or riddiculing him, like in the Yoplait commercial, she discreetly kicks off her 3" yellow heels as if they were the last stair to go down, and now she smiles invitingly to the short man.

The commercial implies that pleasing and dating the short man in more importaint than the woman's vanity over her sexy yellow heels. Then the kicker comes when BOTH hot women (one with no shoes) go out with the short man who appears to be about 5' 6". I know that the commercial actually is trying to tell women that they will be taller with fuller hair and that they might have to remove their heels to be the same size. However, this commercial is definiately a good sign, especially in light of the many other offensive commercials.

I give Kudos to this subtle yet well done commercial. It is the best recent commercial I have seen showing a short man in a positive light.