Commentary by Roger Bauman, June 2004

A television ad called "Elevator" has been running as part of McDonald's advertising campaign for its new adult Happy Meal and free stepometer. In the spot, a woman and her co-worker walk towards an elevator as they talk. When they get to the elevator bank, one woman opts for the elevator while the other takes the stairs. They reunite several floors later, where they continue their conversation. The conversation is about the brother of one of the women and his new fiance. The woman remarks:

She's four inches taller than him, can you believe it?

Later, after a voice over about the stepometer, she continues:
And you'll never believe what was stuck to his pants.

Obviously, the women think it's absurd that the brother would be with a taller woman - or that the taller woman would be with him. To reenforce the image of the short man being a dweeb, McDonald's threw in the pants remark.

It's amazing that it is so acceptable to ridicule height like this. If the joke were that the couple belonged to different religions, there would be an uproar over this ad. Yet when it comes to height, it's okay to take the gloves off.

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