Commentary by Belle DiMonté , July 2011

An advertisement for FreeScore.Com, a credit score company, has been playing on a lot of channels and is very heightist. There are three credit scores this consumer is lugging around; two tall, hunky Apollos, and one miserable, pitiful balding short man. This bald short man is holding back the consumer from achieving true happiness (through buying expensive things). So, FreeScore.Com gallantly swoops in and helps the consumer change the short, bad credit score into a good, tall credit score. Big Hunky Apollo #3 walks in and shoves Short Man out of the way, and everybody's happy and smiling again! Except, of course, for Short Man, 'cause his face is on the floor and whatever. Oh well! He's short, it doesn't matter! La, la, la... Please, boycott this company and any TV stations you see it on as well. Heightism can no longer be tolerated as okay because it's NOT.