Commentary by Dhinh Xuan Nguyen, May 2007

There are two very offensive ads from FRAM oil filters, in Ontario, Canada. In the first, a big guy driving a folk lift, hits a large area lined with oil bottles, knocking them over. A small guy had took time to line up the oil bottles in an aile of the warehouse. The small guy seems to be the supervisor. Instead of apology, the big guy says to the small one: "Can I take a break now?" It conveys a message that a small guy is supposed to have NO authority. FRAM deliberately chose a large size difference between the two to emphasize the message.

In the second ad, which features the same two guys, the small guy, avoids the fork lift hitting his line up, by stacking the FRAM oil filters two stages higher, using a ladder. After he finishes, the big guy comes over to stand beside the small guy,( the big guy is about 1' 6" taller), and says: "I think you really need a girl friend now!" What kind of terrible message is FRAM trying to convey here?

The two ads were on OLN channel 58 ROGER Cable TV, Toronto, Ontario 11:00pm, April 30, 2007.