Commentary by Jason, November 2010

      Not only in movies, commercials and on TV do short men get discrimated against, it happens in newspaper comics as well!

One example is a Popeye storyline where a professor tries to solve the over-population problem by shrinking people 50%. Popeye, the sailor who's always strong to the finish (" 'Cause I eats me spinach!") was the first - and only - one to experience it.

And who should be one of the first ones to comment on his new lack of height? Olive Oyl, who considered his shortness disgusting.

The only way she'd be seen with him in public is if he wore stilts or rode in a stroller. Others in the strip were also ignorant towards Popeye, but Olive is his girlfriend - though with her nasty attitude, I can't see why.

Even after Popeye wins the fight against Brutus, and is returned to his normal size, Olive STILL hasn't learned her lesson. She yelled at him for making her lose her bet, despite the fact that she TOLD him to win. Luckily for her, Popeye just laughed it off, because it's just Olive Oyl being herself.

There's one touching scene, though - where the kid, Swea' Pea, told Popeye that some kids got into a fight with him because he said he thought Popeye would win the challenge against Brutus. That particular strip ends with Popeye holding the kid, saying that Swea Pea's the only one who believes in him.