Clueless (1995)
Commentary by Jacob Zunti, February 2005

Being the kind of fellow who gets around to watching movies several years after they come out, I took the time to watch the movie "Clueless" last week. Seeing Alicia Silverstone in one of her many mini skirts was well worth the rental fee for a heterosexual male. Silverstone's best friend, a black girl with similar tastes in clothes to Silverstone, also had hips and legs to die for.

Seeing Silverstone's character go out on dates with the new guy in her class, who was several inches shorter than she was, and actually fall for him and want to give up her virginity to him, also gave me hope. I can't think of a movie in which a shorter male was a romantic lead to a beautiful babe since the Michael J. Fox movies.

Unfortunately, this was not to be as the affair was not to be. Her love for the shorter guy was just an example of her cluelessness. The guy's lack of reciprocal interest for this beautiful young woman and his desire to go shopping with her tipped me off quickly. Of course, we've all had experience with Hollywood heightism before.

The short young man was an ethical fellow and very courageous. He helped rescue a friend of theirs who had been hung over a railing by several other young men. He also pushed one of the assailants - a much taller man than he - as he castigated him for his stupidity and inappropriate behaviour. However, he was also gay.

In too many movies, short guys can be gay, or the guy that gets the woman stolen away. Too rarely are they the guy who wins the girl.

So in the end, Silverstone ends up falling for the young lawyer who has had a thing for her and has been assisting her millionaire lawyer father on a case. Nothing remarkable in that except that he was a young lawyer and a "hunk" who hadn't originally been in her radar but who definitely had her in his sights. Almost as stereotypical as the short guy who is gay thing.

Talk about clueless.