Ed, Edd n Eddy
Commentary by Jesse Fornash, February 2004

Ed Edd N' Eddy from the Cartoon Network is about three kids with the same names that are best friends. Ed is the tall, clumsy one, with less than average intellegence, Edd (AKA Double D), is the medium sized Ed with all the smarts, and Eddy is the short, aggressive one who tends to create a lot of mischief.

The episode titled "A Pinch To Grow An Ed" is one (if not the only episode) that mocks Eddy's short stature. The episode starts off with Eddy getting a record to play on a record player in his room. Due to his lack of height, he needs a chair to reach up onto the dresser that the record player is on. However, he is still not able to reach the top of the record player, and drops the record when trying to place it in the player. After that (when his short height likely starts to get to him) he goes up to a wall to see if he is any taller than he was when he last measured himself. He measures up to his age 11 height (which may or may not be his current age), and finds that he hasn't grown at all since then. He then spikes a piece of his hair up to make him taller. It seems to make him happy when he lists himself on the wall at the height of his hair, although he surely still knows that it doesn't do him any good.

Once he gets outside, he runs into Sara and Jimmy, who both seem to tower over him, even though Eddy appears to be at least the same height, if not a little taller than Jimmy in other episodes. Sara and Jimmy are out strolling a baby carriage and ask him (as a way to mock his height) if he would like to be their little dolly. They assume he would be able to fit inside the carriage, which angers Eddy. He then runs into Kevin the Bully, who makes a rude comment to Eddy about his small stature. After that, Eddy runs into another character named Rolf, who is playing a game of basketball by himself. Eddy asks Rolf if he can play with him, but Rolf declines Eddy's request, and says that he's too little to play. Next, Eddy runs into his two friends, Ed, and Double D, and sees them swinging themselves off of swings. Eddy then joins in, and is able to swing himself farther than his pals. His friends ask him if he wants to have a contest where they swing off of monkey bars, and Eddy accepts. Ed and Double D have no problem reaching onto the bars. Eddy tries to do so but he can't reach them, no matter how hard he tries. His friends then lift him up onto the bars, and begin to tickle, and mock him. Double D (after realizing that he and Ed may have irritated Eddy by making fun of his short height) tries to make Eddy feel better by telling him that many important people are short in stature. Eddy, being as enraged as he his, doesn't want to hear it. He attempts to deny that he is short by reaching one of his hands up to Ed's head (Ed appears to be about a foot taller than Eddy), and says that he's not short, and that he's the same size as him.

Eddy, feeling upset, goes off on his own, and while walking by himself, ends up running into the Kanker Sisters, who love nothing more than to annoy Eddy, and his pals. They make fun of him by making derogatory comments about his lack of height, and really seem to enjoy doing so. He gets away from them, and runs into a garage. His pals spot him, and ask to come in, but Eddy says that no tall people are allowed. They tell Eddy that they can make him taller, which lures him out of the garage, and gets him very excited. First, they try to stretch Eddy by pulling on his arms and legs, which doesn't help at all. Next they stuff an an airbag of some sorts into his stomach, and blow it up. At first it makes him wider, not taller. After that, one of his friends squeezes him, which makes him taller for a few seconds, but he soon spits out the airbag from his stomach, and shortly returns to his normal height.

His friends come up with another plan in a last ditch effort to make Eddy tall. They work out of the garage but do not let Eddy see what they're doing. He tries to peek into a window, but it is too high up for him to see through. Once he is finally let in, Double D shows Eddy a pair of boots (referred by Double D as "walking braces") with springs attached to the bottom of then. He then presents a controller to Eddy that will increase the height of the springs, making Eddy taller while he wears them. Eddy at first is reluctant to wear the boots, but then tries them on, and after using them to see what they can do, is satisfied, and continues to wear them.

Soon after, Eddy seems to go on a mission to get back at the people who mocked him about his height earlier in the episode. First he pays a visit to Jimmy and Sara, and gets even with them, by crushing little toy dolls of theirs, and by trying to scare them. Sara tells Eddy to go away, and calls him a big ape, which makes Eddy feel good, since he is finally being called big, rather than small. After getting even with Jimmy and Sara, he runs into Kevin the Bully, and a girl friend of his. Kevin at first attempts to make fun of Eddy and his boots, and Eddy gets back at him by placing the bottom of one of the springs onto his head, making the spring crush Kevin into the ground. The girl friend tells Eddy that he's looking tall, which makes Eddy feel even better. He then moves onto getting even with the Kanker Sisters. When he runs into them, he attempts to scare them off, but they're not fooled. They make fun of Eddy's shoes, and tell him that he looks like a circus clown. Seconds later, they swipe the controller from him, and make the springs go all out of whack. They make the springs go all over the place, and the other two Edds hang on to Eddy to avoid being hurt by the wild springs. With the three pals together, the Kanker Sisters pull off one more evil deed by making the springs on the boots stretch out high into the sky, with the three Eds hanging onto each other for dear life. While up in the air, the sisters break the springs, causing the Eds to fall, with Eddy falling into a baby carriage. While inside the carriage, Ed begins to poke fun at Eddy once again for his small size, which concludes the episode.

With all of the ways Eddy was tormented, watching this episode can make anybody feel all too familiar with the way short people are treated by society these days. The way Eddy was mocked and treated throughout the episode, was a real simulation of what short people have to go through. Eddy was even acting like the typical short person by being over aggressive, always angry, and by having very little self esteem. While it may appear funny with all the stuff Eddy had to put up with (as well as the way he reacted to the rough treatment), it made me remember how I was, and occassionally am still treated, due to my somewhat short height. If the point of this episode was to show what most short people have to go through, then it sure hit the bullseye. The cartoon seems to tell the many children that watch it that it's okay to be made fun of if you're short. That is a shame. Not only is it OK but it is funny to make fun of a short boy, who does not have a lot of self confidence. It's a real tragedy that the media has to knock short people in every way they can, instead of trying to teach people that they deserve to be treated with the same respect as tall people. It's sad that most short people in their everyday lives have to put up with exactly what Eddy went through in this episode. Maybe one day the media will come to their senses, and say that short people are no different, and shouldn't be made the butt of all jokes. Until then, I feel sorry that short people will likely remain the main laughing stocks of society, just like Eddy.