Short Men Are Hot
A. Juulia, February 2006

I found your Web site when I was Googling about short men and thought Id write you. I am sure you have gotten a good number of e-mails saying short men are hot but I just thought Id tell you the same.. :) I am sure there is prejudice against short people just as there are prejudice against people of different races, fat people, people with disabilities, with glasses, freckles, big butts... etc. etc. but there are always situations when your size is an advantage. And above all, its your other skills and talents and the chemistry you have with certain people that matter.

When it comes to relationships I definitely prefer small men to big ones. :) I am 58 myself but dont see much beauty in men who a lot taller than me. And if I had to choose, I would probably take someone a little shorter than me than someone a little taller. Smaller men are just prettier in my eyes. They are also more huggable.. I also feel safer in their company as deep down I am afraid of the men getting angry and violent (I have no history of violent partners except for a crazy date who later turned violent) and I think that at least with a smaller man Id be able to defend myself. Might sound a little strange, I know. Well, I usually like very peace-loving men anyway, the type that want to get along with others, so I have no bad boy fetish or anything like that.

Oh yes, and I also like feeling big and strong myself and being with a smaller man, however strong they might be, makes me feel that way. And I guess I love feeling that I have the control a little bit.. which I can then hand over to my man when I feel like it.

As you can see, short men are wonderful in more ways than one. And this wasnt even all... I think there are many reasons why I like shorter men. I think one of them is that I am the oldest of four kids so I have this more or less subconscious pattern of loving, taking care of and protecting people that are smaller than me. And I think I like to take the lead because of that even though I don't think I am as bossy as I used to be. Subjectively thinking at least, heh. Family members might disagree.

And who knows my first meaningful boyfriend has something to do with this as well as he was about my height. Maybe the good memories from that relationship make me want to find another sweet short guy. Whether it sounds intelligent and rational or not, I think a lot of us have these patterns and expectations about the other person's appearance that we probably shouldn't overlook as a lot of these have to do with procreating and making healthy babies, not to mention good sex life before the babies start popping out. Although I have to say that I don't know what part of making healthy babies height plays in my case... Okay, now I know. I will more likely stay with the father of my children if I find him hot. And he must be nice and with the right MHC immunity genes etc.

It's funny how people, including me, associate height with certain personality and traits even though in many, if not in the majority of cases, they have no connection to reality. Through my own empirical research I have found out that not all short men want to be attacked by an amazon with overdeveloped protective instinct. Strange. I still wonder why. And there are tall men as well who would like to be the whimpier half of the relationship etc. Yeah, people should just stick to the stereotypes.

In the best case, though, short men (and the rest of the people) have had to develop their personality as they haven't been able to rely on their size only. There are some men who just ooze self-content just because they are big and that is....boring and annoying. There is nothing wrong with being happy with your size no matter what it is but it's really irritating see these guys who approach all tasks in life as if they were going hunting for mammoths or stealing women from another tribe. Hmm, or could it be that there is a little mammoth hunter living inside me... That could well be it.

But oh gosh, hugging a short guy is wonderful! I do understand the attractiveness of being hugged by a big guy but I have to say I like smaller men more. With big guys I feel too princessy (I want to be the queen!) and maybe too girly. And sometimes I feel that tall men are too overpowering and I have a fear of them looking at me and saying "shut up" and then I would have to... Or I just might have some Napoleon type of ego problem. :)

Okey dokey, I'll go now and dream a little more of short men!

A hug,