Shortism in Australia
Robert Templer, April 2006

I have been reading the stories here with interest and thought I might add my little comments. Lately I have been very down on myself for various reasons, e.g., non-existent love life, poor career, etc. I attributed some of these reasons to my short stature. I'm 36 years old and only 5' 4". Probably the most despairing feeling was my poor love life. I have moved to the Gold Coast in Australia, where there are very many beautiful women. I have had beautiful girl friends and lovers in New Zealand but since I have moved to Australia I have been extremely unsuccessful. It kind of surprised me as there are so many beautiful woman where I am, I thought things would go well for me here.

There is no doubt in my mind that shortism does exist and goes on. You can be branded with Short Mans disease for what ever you do. For example, I'm a body builder so of course I'm muscly to make up for my lack of height. I donít take any crap from aggressive males and so once again I'm over compensating for my lack of height. I love to hunt and shoot and so the shooting/gun thing is a power compensation thing to make up from lack of height. I ride a large fast motorbike, so once again thatís lack of height compensation. You get my drift, hey.

However there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have recently moved into an IT management role that gives me a great deal of responsibility and respect from others in my company and I feel a lot better about my self. The Operations Manager that hired me is herself a lot shorter than me and took to me straight away. We have an excellent business relationship.

I have decided to be extremely fussy as to who I associate with socially. I find that the more sophisticated and educated the company you keep, the less likely you are to be discriminated by people around you.

On the love scene I have had some success and interests lately by extremely beautiful Australian girls. However, I have realized that my lack of success is really caused by myself not hitting the right switches when I interact with women. Basically it's largely my own fault and you need to realize that if you are a reasonably presentable male, you can be successful with women by basically applying techniques and rules such as those found in David DeAngeloís Double Your Dating Web site. This guy has revolutionized tactics for being successful with woman. Now, after studying his work, I scarily realize how bad a place I had got myself to as far as being any good with women.

I can only say to fellow short people, to keep a positive outlook despite the challenges we face. Especially with women, they will pick up on your down-on-yourself vibe and steer well clear.

If anyone wants to share their experiences with me or leave a comment, you are welcome to contact me.