Manufacturers typically make clothes and accessories for people whose height is in the normal range of the bell curve. For American men this is 5' 4" to 6' 1" and for American women it is 4' 11" to 5' 9". People who are shorter than these heights do not have many options.

Our friends, trying to be helpful, often suggest that we visit a children's department. This can be impractical because children's departments offer styles that are better suited to children, not adults. There is also an ego factor. Men and women are adults. They left the immaturity of childhood years or decades ago and don't want to return to any aspect of it, just because they are smaller than the adult norm. To help, we have searched extensively throughout the Web to find stores and advice for small men and women.

You can rate the stores where you shop. This will help other readers know where to find clothes and accessories in their size. Whenever you click on this symbol , you will be presented with a quick, one-minute survey.

If you find any stores that are particularly useful, please Contact Us and we will include them on these pages.

Serena D. is studying fashion design in Vancouver, Canada. She is developing a line for shorter men and created an online Survey to collect data. The survery just takes a few minutes. Please help her with this worthy project.