Date Received:  6 February 2007

My name is Jack and I had been thinking about leg lengthening surgery for a very long time before I actually had the operation done. I was 5' 6" (168 cm) tall and I wanted to be about 5'9" (175 cm). I thought that after all the researching and reading about leg lengthening I was ready for this operation. I decided that I would like my operation done at the Beijing Institute of Technology. The reason I choose this hospital was because of a forum I found that was very supportive of this hospital. To my surprise the creators of this forum were ex-patients of the actual hospitial. They made it sound very easy and fun.

Let me tell you now leg lengthening is no joke. After going through the operation in Beijing, knowing that it was 100% what I wanted, I was wrong. After the operation I had nightmares for the first week about me having big external fixator objects on my legs. I was in unbearable pain, and much discomfort. It was like I had made the biggest mistake in my life, and I prayed to God that it was only a dream, but it wasn't. It was real, and I was living in a total nightmare, with painful days and more painful nights. I was very disappointment. It was nothing like anyone had told me about.

The doctors did not tell me that it would be this painful. All they told me was that pain is different for every patient. What gets more scary is that my days seem much longer once I had the operation performed, which is exactly what I didn't want. Everyday is a drag. Now I regret ever doing this operation. It doesn't matter if you're going to become 3 inch's taller. It is not nearly worth the pain.

Please, anyone who is thinking about this operation, please give it a second thought. My mind was so consumed with the idea that I wanted to be taller that there was no other choice, and I ended up doing something that I now wouldn't have done for a million dollars. It is not worth it. Enjoy your freedom to walk, live in peace, and enjoy life. This operation is very senseless and I hate to see myself everyday in pain. Forget about leg lengthening. It is the worst decision I made in my life, don't let it be yours too.