Date Received:  14 June 2012
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An extremely tragic thing happened to me. I had contacted this hospital to make a very minor adjustment to my external fixator. I needed a slight correction to my tibia, right around 10 degrees after having done lengthening to my tibias around 5cm only. I already had several pins in my leg and an external brace with it, and the bone was still in a soft phase meaning it didn't need to be broken. My leg was not that flexible as I had on the external device, but I could still stretch my Achilles tendon and I knew that I could have a full recovery. I had no problem standing with my heels on the ground and the doctor saw this.

I had on the fixator, but I could walk pretty good and with some stretching could get my ankle to around 70-80 degrees. With a little bit more time (after my bone was fully healed) I am sure that I could get back full range of motion in my lower leg. I also had some scars on my legs that I wanted removed. I met the doctor and we talked about my case, it was pretty straight forward and I felt that everything was going to be fine. It was just a minor correction, only 10 degrees downward, and a slight adjustment to the frame, with a few more pins to be added.

As I woke up after the surgery, I felt an incredible pain in my Achilles tendon. As I lifted my leg, I saw numerous bandages on my ankle. As I soon found out to my horror, the doctor had cut my Achilles tendon while I was under anesthesia! WITHOUT consulting me or discussing this with me, he decided to cut my Achilles tendon to lengthen it. As if that was not enough, I soon learned of even MORE disturbing news. He had cut near my heel, even lower than where most Achilles ruptures happen. There is virtually no blood supply there and soon there was a huge knot on my heel bone were scar tissue had filled.

I was walking fine prior to this. I did NOT need my Achilles tendon cut or lengthened at all. The tension was fine and I had lengthened my lower leg less than 5cm. There was NOTHING to suggest that I needed this done. Then, to do this without even consulting me, and to cut near the heel! I realized within a week that the tension was ruined. He cut my upper tendon more than 40% according to the ultrasound I recently had. Not only is there constant weakness, but even now, almost 5 months after this, I still have great difficulty doing heel raises and walking.

I realized that this is very common in Akola. In fact, all patients, even those who had been there for more than 5 months could barely walk with a walker. This is because the Achilles tendons are cut in multiple spots for every patient. How would you feel if you could walk fine and then wake up to find that your tendon was cut, in not 1, but 3 places that you didn't need and didn't ask for! I contacted the doctor again, but he was not sorry for what he had done and insisted that it was needed which is not true at all. He ruined my perfectly healthy right Achilles tendon, and now I will need further surgery to try to repair it. Chances are that it will never be normal like my other leg. All of this without asking me or even having the basic decency to discuss it with me. No, just total arrogance, deciding that I didn't even need to be aware of such a huge decision, and simply cutting it while I was under anesthesia.

I still have trouble walking fast and running may or may not be possible as the cut was so near the heel. You can see from the photos how there is a huge bulge now, similar to tendonitis.


I would NOT, I repeat NOT recommend going to Akola for ANYTHING. You will be met with arrogance, and a basic lack of common sense. 999 out of 1000 doctors would not make multiple cuts into a healthy Achilles tendon full stop. To do so without EVEN ASKING and then doing it while the patient is under anesthesia is beyond belief. This clinic is a nightmare, and if you need anything done, I would NOT, I stress, NOT do it here. I went there walking fine with every indication that I would be able to run again and play football. 5 months later I still have trouble walking.

Achilles tendon lengthening is used as a LAST resort for older patients who cannot respond to physical therapy. I am only 28 years old, didn't need it, was walking fine, wasn't consulted. With a few months of therapy it would have been fine, instead I am left with a useless Achilles tendon that causes me pain and has lost its normal tension.