Date Received:  29 October 2006

I wanted to share with you my feelings about Dr. Elbatrawy and living in Cairo. I had lots of apprehension in the beginning to whether or not I should even go to Cairo. I never thought the facilities and the medical care in Cairo was advanced enough to meet the medical standards of the West. As I said, I had lots of questions and mixed feelings since going from the USA to Cairo was a big move for me, and I did not know what kind of care I was going to have.

I want to say that everything went well for me, the care was very good. The surgery was excellent. Dr. Elbatrawy is an expert at what he does. I had no idea in the beginning about his skills, but I was very lucky that I had him as a surgeon, since I had no complications. I saw several other patients there with excellent results. I know now that I was lucky and chose the best doctor for myself. I have had the frames removed for 5 months now, and I have all my functions as before with no complications. I wanted to let you know about my feelings. Thanks a lot.