Date Received:  6 October 2011
Increase:11 cm

I initially got interested in limb lengthening in 2008. My starting height was 172cm. I went to Beirut, Lebanon and lengthened my femurs about 6cm using an external monorail fixators as seen in the x-ray below. This was in August 2008. I went back to Beirut to remove the fixators in January 2009. The doctor removed the external device and both my femurs snapped. I had emergency surgery and the doctor reapplied the external fixators but there was still heavy angulation as seen from the photo. I lived with the deformity for about 1 year.


Eventually, my femurs did heal but I was left with an angulation. I was looking to get my legs straight and I was interested in lengthening my tibias so that my legs would look better proportioned.


My left femur had a sharp 30 degree angle and was about 1.5cm shorter than the right femur. After contacting many doctors, I decided to go to Armenia as the doctor assured me that he could fix all my problems.

The doctor assured me that the femur would heal in two months and recommended that I put a lizarov on the left femur to correct it. At the same time, I was lengthening my tibias. After 10 weeks, the doctor did "bone training" on the left femur by loosening the bolts. Within 24 hours, the left femur had SNAPPED and was angled again at 30 degrees. The doctor insisted that I keep it as is and said that it was "acceptable" but it was horrible and I could feel the bone right under my skin. I asked that it be corrected with a straight bar so that I could at least move around, but this also failed and the angle was wrong again. Finally, I lost all hope and insisted that a nail be inserted. A nail was inserted but I soon learned that the nail was pulled inward toward the knee causing the left tibia to angle outward causing an X-Shape. I was so disgusted that after 3 operations and still my femur was wrong. I asked for an explanation and never got it, thus, I did not pay the remaining $US 3,000 I owed the doctor. I just wanted an explanation. After 3 failed attempts on my femur, so much pain and surgery, and through all that to be left with X-LEGS I just felt horrible. He charged me three times to correct the femur that was a result of the femur snapping, and still my femur was wrong.

Correction alone would cost more than this and I was disgusted that my femur would have to be broken again. This is a photo with the frame before the femur snapped. I did not feel safe in Armenia so I returned to the USA for frame removal. It was okay except severe pain in the right tibia that did NOT allow me to walk for many months and eventually required another surgery. But the real problem was the left femur.


After a year, I continued to have pain in the left femur and was seeking to get the nail removed. I was left with X-LEGS, meaning that my legs looked like an "X".


the problem is from the left femur, where in Armenia I had so much trouble which was all a result of carelessness.

This is what my leg SHOULD look like


I asked the doctor who put the nail in what kind of nail it was and he told me that it was a "SYTHES nail." My local doctor tried to remove the nail but could not. We tried to find a device to remove the nail but could not. Finally the Armenian doctor convinced me that for 3600$ he could send a device to remove the nail. I was gullible and paid him for this. My local doctor tried again and failed. Finally I went to Delhi India where they were able to remove the nail but that is when my heart began to sink.

The nail was NOT a SYTHES nail, it was a ZIMMER nail, as seen by the Z. The device sent from Armenia was useless because all the threads were already damaged. No extractor could have taken out this nail. It was a used defective nail.

I was lied to and deceived and more money was wasted not to mention 2 additional failed surgeries because of "MISINFORMATION", that is totally unacceptable. I still cannot walk properly and it has been over one year. I asked for an explanation but did not receive any. I would not recommend anyone to go to Armenia for Leg Lengthening Surgery.

Here is a photo of the "Z" for Zimmer nail, not Sythes. Notice how the threads were totally destroyed. This has been a horrible experience, countless money wasted, and failed surgeries, together with lies to get more money from me. Please do not consider going to Armenia unless you possibly want the same horror.