Short Men Should be Careful When Marrying
by K. Singh
March 2011

I am short. Only 5' 5". Life was pretty good when I was a kid. In adolescence when I stopped growing, and all others went ahead of me, I did feel the pain to the extent that I could not perform that well in school. From being one of the best I became one of the worst. My polite friends in school would question me 'Is something wrong?'. Impolite ones would bully me. My aunt would ask why I was not growing. I would sincerely wish that she should ask this from my parents.

Well that was adolescence. Somehow I gathered myself in my 20's, did a thing or two in computers and started my own business. But still the height thing was in the back of mind. I developed a wishful thinking of marrying a girl who is at least 5' 3". I read on the Internet the formula to compute average height of children. For a boy, add five to the height of the parents in inches and divide by two. For a girl, subtract five from the sum of the height of the parents in inches and divide by two. So genetically speaking, if I married a girl 5' 3"+, my children would be taller than me.

So in my late 20's my parents and I started looking for a bride (in India we have arranged marriages). We have not found any success in finding a 5' 3"+ girl. In most cases where there was a chance, it was only led by her parents, and in the end the girl would disagree. It's been four years I have been trying to look for that girl, but it was all in vain. In the meantime I did progress financially, but that has been of no help. I know, biologically speaking, that a girl would only accept a man who is at least 2-3" taller than her. But then again, I am living in my own wishful world.

There are a few lucky folks who in spite of being short are either exceptionally talented, are great charmers or have huge chunks of money. For these guys, finding a life partner is not a struggle. There are many A-listers in Hollywood and Bollywood (Bombay film industry) who have found the cream of the opposite sex. Be it Katie Homles, Nicole Kidman, or our own Katrina Kaif who have fallen for below average height A-listers. For other guys (99.99%) its an uphill struggle. I certainly do not belong in that A-list category. And sometimes even lots and lots of money does not help. There is a video on YouTube where a supposedly short rich millionaire was rejected by taller women.

I don't say that short parents cannot reproduce tall children (exceptions may be there), but I simply hate to bring an image of myself into this world that would be belittled just because of his height, a child who looses confidence and cannot even find a reasonable date. Basically, I do not want the future to be the way the past has been for me. For a short guy, life is pretty tough. Why bring a child into the world who would follow the same genetically miserable path.

Now at 33, I am loosing hope of finding the right girl/women for me. I may end up dying without getting married at all. In our present society height matters a lot. If I ever were to have a son, I would wish that he be of at least average height, therefore maintains his confidence in life, is able to find a date by 18, and able to enjoy sex with the women he desires. I may sound very childish or simplistic, but for overall growth it is required.

Well thats my take on marriage till gene technology lets us have designer babies. You may dis-agree with what I have said, but is is still a very honest opinion.