The Problem, Cause, and Treatment
by Ed Utter
August 2007

Iím kind of lethargic, well actually Iím real lazy. So I have been waiting for someone else to write this, but they must be even lazier than me. Finally someone supplied the spark to galvanize me into action.

Well, first the problem is easy to identify. That is why this fine web site exists. The problem is, ďThe whole world is prejudice against short people.Ē

You canít fix the problem by changing us. We are not the problem. We stopped growing when we got perfect, they didnít. You canít make them perfect by changing us. If you have a machine with two parts that isnít working, you canít repair it by altering the good part. You have to repair the defective part. (Well, maybe we should saw their legs off!)

The underlying cause of the problem is vanity. Tall people are proud of being tall and that is it in a nut shell. They never get enough praise so by making us seem smaller they think it makes them look taller. Actually it reveals their vanity when you understand why they do it. They did nothing to acquire their height, so they are proud of themselves for what has been given to them. Well, DuhÖ

The prejudice against short people is not the same violent prejudice that Blacks and Jews face. It is a prejudice to make tall people look better than they are. It is self serving as it boosts their pride. They just never get enough stroking.

Those who say that growth is mediated by Growth Hormone (GH), called Somatotropin, are correct, but they draw the wrong conclusion from it. Though GH stimulates growth, the limit is determined by your DNA and not by how much GH is in your system.

It is a general consensus among scientists that genes determine maximum height and that growth hormone just gets you there. (Scientist are like Jews and Christians - they donít agree on much of anything so it is only a general consensus)

We can say that in humans, the genes will determine the maximum possible height of an individual, but the environment (i.e. whether or not the individual receives optimum nutrition) will determine whether the individual ever reaches that height.

It should be apparent that someone whose genes will set their maximum height at 5 foot will have less GH than some one whose genes stopped their growth at 6 foot.

It seems to me that if one wanted to be 6 foot 4 inches, someone with the proper amount of GH to reach that height should be tested and only that amount of GH added to the candidate's system (there would be less easy money in it, so it will not happen). If someone were tested for GH and the amounts that are given to promote growth were discovered, they would be deemed sick and treated for too much GH.

If GH made one grow then an injection any time in one's life would cause growth. However, it will not, because the genes that determine growth have turned off and further growth blocked.

Let me say it this way. Gas makes the car go, but filling the back seat with gas will not make the car go any farther; itís just going to cause problems later.

Donít get me wrong, I am not a genealogist. (But I played one once. A small guy, in a small town, only studying small genesÖÖ. Well, I was supposed to be a tall guy, but I kept getting drunk and falling off the damn stilts). I digress.

There is a spurt of growth when one is injected with massive amounts of GH, but it is only increasing the rate of growth not the end total. Whoís to say it would not have happened with out the massive amounts?

I grew a foot when I was 15 without any shots. It was just how my body worked. I spent a year getting even and had a lot of fun doing it. I would fight at any provocation. Then I stopped growing, but I had earned enough respect that I was no longer picked on. I must add that back then a fight didnít end in getting stuck with a knife or being shot. I remember one fight with a good friend (too much togetherness). He drove me into the countryside, where we went at it and when it was apparent it was a draw, he drove me back to town! Unfortunately he also allowed witnesses to come along who reported to all that he couldnít whip my little butt and he suffered some humiliation because of it. This also brings to mind an incident when I was about to get thumped by a giant and I explained to him that he had everything to loose and nothing to gain. If he won, everyone would chastise him for picking on me and if he lost, he would never live it down. I donít really know if he would have been chastised, but he bought it. I was pretty darn sure that he could kick my little butt though. (Whew!) Am I digressing again?

If a shot of GH would make an individual grow we would probably be in an even worse predicament. Any tall man would give much of what he has to gain an inch (Ho ho, I know what you are thinking - and youíre right!!!!!) Anyway, it is a fact that they make more money than we do, so they could afford more GH, so they would still be taller. We would only be short giants. I still have a t-shirt somewhere that on the front says ďThe Worlds Tallest MidgetĒ and the back says ďThe Worlds Smallest GiantĒ (no you donít have my permission to copy it). Am I digressing again?

If one is short of growth hormone you only need enough to grow to your designated height, not a massive dose. You would be declared afflicted and treated for too much hormone if you were tested and found to have such a massive amount of hormone in your body. I might add that GH affects many other functions of the body and is produced throughout ones life.

I personally think that injecting GH into a healthy child is a very bad thing to do (excessive GH can cause physiological problems). The way to stop this abuse that drug companies and others are performing on short children is to take the profit out of the game. Sue the bastards! Itís the American way! Iím not one to sue anyone unless there is absolutely no other way, but I donít see any. I was not subjected to this abuse so I canít sue anyone anyway. (Damn Iím just never going to get rich).

Maybe when a tall person tries to belittle us we should inform them that they suffer from ďElevation EgotismĒ (Maybe someone can come up with a better term). Of course they will ask what you mean and the answer might make them think about their defect.

Since we have identified the problem, perhaps we can do something about it. Perhaps we can talk someone into financing a TV series where all of the tall characters are stupid and vain and short people geniuses. Something like most shows now make the husband stupid, the wife smart, and the child a genius.

There may be a place for short (perfect) coaches like the ones politicians use. A coach could teach a child how to deal with being short; what to wear, or anything else that would help. If the same amount of money as is spent on GH was spent on a coach to teach a short child how to get along in this world, I believe they would be OK. At least they would benefit from it and not some drug dealer. If not that, then put it in a savings account for them, or even for some other short child rather than just throwing it away.

I love all you guys, but it is hard to love a whiner; whether they are short or tall, so stop whining and letís go get after it.

Ed Utter